'The Drumshack' Drum Tuition Studio

Steevi's busy one-to-one teaching studio has been up and running for many years now with a healthy class of keen smiley drum students of all ages. As well as beginners and a few students with learning disabilities, Steevi also specialises in coaching experienced m/f drummers that are a bit lost with regards the inevitable "what next?" syndrome. 

"Here at The Drumshack, we can impressively improve on your drumstick technique, sitting posture, timing and of course those scary *rudiments, as well as pedal work and foot technique - thus opening up a plethora of new styles, skill sets and ability colour-ways"

Reading and non- reading drummers welcome, boys and girls - everyone can play drums if they are taught - how good you get depends on commitment to practise and a bit of patience.

Please e-mail via e-contact page regarding limited availability of lessons. 

*Rudiments - these are not actually scary! In fact quite the opposite, a drummer in charge of a few good rudiments is scary, as in scarily good! :o) 

Drumshack Students download and print your free PDF GrooveSheets
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