Steevi's Drums etc


1984 USA Ludwig Chrome '402 Supraphonic' 14x6.5 - P85 throw

1986 USA Ludwig 'Black Beauty' LB419T 14x6.5 - Supersensitive P71 throw

2017 USA Q Drum Gentleman's Copper snare 14x7 - Trick throw

2018 USA Ludwig chrome-over-brass 402B 14x6.5 P88 throw

Ludwig USA Maple Classic in 'mirror' chrome
Sonor Delite in 'bird's eye sunburst' maple * 
Yamaha RTC / 9000 in 'stage white' 
Tama Starclassic in 'diamond dust'

 usual sizes in 'one up two down' configuration 
for fly-in backline happy for 12” or 13" rack tom but always 24” kick and two floors.

13" x 9" rack tom 
16" x 16" floor tom
18" x 16" floor tom
24" x 16” bass drum

drum heads: Evans™ Remo
G2 coated batters and G1 clear reso on tom
Snare G14 batter, hazy 300 reso
Kick drum - Remo PS3 batter/ Logo Smooth reso

cymbals: Paiste™ 
Full Paiste 2002 range and personal vintage cymbal vault

Kick pedal, hi-hat and all hardware DW 9000 series
Vater 1A drumsticks/Brushes/Mallets
Hardcase drum and traps cases
Protection Racket drumkit floor-mat
Roland V- drums TDW-20 with full expansion kit
Porter & Davies BC2 Tactile Drum Throne Monitoring **

Drum Techs - Dan Clark / Bazra White

* * * * *

* Special thanks from SBto all below for their invaluable help and guidance *

Jeff Davenport* @ Sonor Drums UK
Simon, Terry @ PMT as well as all the helpful staff - all stars!
 Thunder, Deep Purple, Status Quo
Team Scampi - Scampi, Angus, Brian and Batty
Glynn @ Maple Studios, Mike Mangini, Bill Legend, Keith Atack,
Robert Sutton Photography
 Mark Cunningham (TPi)
Dil & Tim @ Porter & Davies **
 Pete Riley, Martin 'Magic' Johnson, Col Stanton
Greg 'Gregster' Hart, Mark Ede, Marc Cecil, Mickie 'Mohawk'
Ritchie Sparks & Mike Carey for web stuff
Don Powell, Robin Trower, Paul Page, Dave Bronze,
and as always, my life mentors Mark, Sharon, Hound, Dennis and Roger J

 This site is dedicated to my little brother Kirk Bacon x

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