2016 6.5" Ludwig 'Black Beauty' LB417 P85AC throw-off
6.5" 1972 Ludwig Chrome '402 Supraphonic' P85 throw-off

1982 6.5" Ludwig  'Black Beauty' 419T Supersensitive P71

Ludwig USA Maple Classic in 'mirror' chrome
Sonor Delite in 'bird's eye sunburst' maple * 
Yamaha RTC / 9000 in 'stage white' 
Tama Starclassic in 'diamond dust'

 usual sizes in 'one up two down' configuration
13" x 9" rack tom 
16" x 16" floor tom
18" x 16" floor tom
24" x 14" bass drum

drum heads: Evans™ 
G2 coated batters and G1 clear reso on tom
Snare G14 batter, hazy 300 reso
Kick drum - EQ4 batter/ Logo Smooth reso

cymbals: Paiste™ 
Full 2002 range and personal vintage cymbal vault

Kick pedal, hi-hat and all hardware DW 9000 series
Vater 1A drumsticks/Brushes/Mallets
Hardcase drum and traps cases
Protection Racket drumkit floor-mat
Roland V- drums TDW-20 with full expansion kit
Porter & Davies BC2 Tactile Drum Throne Monitoring **

Drum Techs - Dan Clark / Bazra White

* * * * *

* Special thanks for their past invaluable help and positivity *

Jeff Davenport* @ Sonor Drums UK
Simon, Terry @ PMT as well as all the helpful staff - all stars!
 - Thunder -
Glynn @ Maple Studios, Mike Mangini, Bill Legend, Keith Atack,
Robert Sutton Photography
 Mark Cunningham (TPi)
Paul & Tim @ Porter & Davies **
 Pete Riley, Martin 'Magic' Johnson, Col Stanton
Greg 'Gregster' Hart, Mark Ede, Marc Cecil, Mickie 'Mohawk'
Ritchie Sparks, Don Powell, Robin Trower, Paul Page, Dave Bronze,
and as always, my life mentors Mark, Sharon, Hound and Roger J
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